If slime does get on your clothes or carpet it is easily cleaned with hot water and vinegar.

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If your slime is too sticky or soft you can mix your baggie of borax in 2 cups of warm water and add a few drops of that mixture at a time to your slime, DO NOT add too much of this or you will make your slime too hard.

Keep your slime in its container when you are not playing with it if it is left out for too long uncovered it can get hard and dried out.

My slime is made with Elmer's School Glue, Borax, lotion, hand soap, food coloring, mineral oil, skin-safe fragrance oil, glitter, Daiso Clay, Instant Snow & Artificial Snow.

Slime “Rules” - Wash hands before touching ~ you don't want dirty slime.

Do not drop! If slime touches the floor or your clothes, it will most likely get ruined.

No, our slime is not edible. You should never eat slime! I recommend that children under 10 do not come in contact with slime. The charms that are in some of my slimes are also NOT TO BE EATEN. You can choke on them and I recommend children using slime under the supervision of parents.

ALL orders receive some extras that include a care sheet, a packet of borax, candy, erasers or toys and candy.

containers - Parkway Jars

foam beads - Amazon

fragrance - various online sites

labels - I make them myself

Yes, I have found that Borax makes the best slime.

Watch safety video on Borax at https://tinyurl.com/yce3ybfn