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When it comes to slimey business, Sophia Cordaro is the go-to girl. The Wyoming Seminary Lower School sixth grader has combined a hobby with skills she learned in Sem’s After School Enrichment Program and turned it into a successful business.

The young entrepreneur is the founder and creator of Sophia’s Super Slimes. Slime, a popular novelty among kids, is a mixture of laundry detergent, glue and water. It’s stretchy, fluffy, colorful and thanks to the laundry detergent, it evens smells pretty good.

The After School Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students to attend different sessions after their school day. Sophia was took a big interest in the Shark Tank, Jr. session (loosely modeled after the popular TV show).

“Sophia certainly has an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Lucy Shick, Lower School librarian and director of the After School Enrichment Program. “She readily studied the four Ps – product, price, place and promotion – and she dove into her slime business with great enthusiasm.”

Sophia’s Super Slime gained major momentum thanks to what she learned in Shark Tank, Jr.

She started selling her signature slimes at flea markets and craft fairs and her first event was in November 2017 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

From there her popularity took off. In addition to her sales at fairs and shows, she has made 77 sales on Etsy and earned excellent reviews. She also has 35,600 followers on Instagram and she has a large following on You Tube as well.

“I learned that if I sent my slime to famous slime accounts around the country, they would review it and I would gain a lot of followers with each review,” Sophia explained. “Once I started to gain followers, I would message people and try to promote my product and ask them to buy. I sent over 100 slimes to people to review and I did that for many months and also sold at a big event in Connecticut called Slime Bash.”

So far, Sophia has sold her slime in 12 states and four international locations, including Italy, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Norway.

Sophia’s business adventure has helped her become savvy with budgeting money, as she purchase all of her own materials. It’s also made her taught her the importance of organization and properly juggling priorities such as school and her other activities.

Sophia, who also enjoys dancing and playing lacrosse, credits her experiences at Junior Achievement Biztown and doing Shark Tank, Jr. with Mrs. Shick with helping her learn more about business.

“Sophia has also been ‘employed’ as Librarian for the Day the past three years after successfully bidding on the opportunity at the annual school auction,” said Mrs. Shick. “She is a conscientious and caring young lady who performed various library duties in a very professional manner.”